America’s Most-Hated Coffee Gnome

Hi, my name is Josh Sullivan and I sling coffee for you fine folks. On my off time, I draw comics and sing in the ska band Can’t Do It –

My favorite band is The Lawrence Arms from Chicago and it consists of ex-members of Slapstick, Tricky Dick, The Broadways, and Baxter. Other faves of mine include The Dead Milkmen, Telegraph, The Aquabats, and Big D and the Kids Table.

My favorite comic creator is Evan Dorkin, who is responsible for Milk and Cheese, Hectic Planet, and Dork!

Some movies I’ve seen lately have been The Aristocrats and Gigantic (the They Might Be Giants documentary). I also saw that terrible, terrible movie Napoleon Dynamite and I hope I never have to see that piece of garbage ever again.

I need to read more but the last book I read was Harry Potter 6.

My favorite TV show of all time is Northern Exposure. I also highly enjoy Arrested Development and Masters of the Silent Screen.

I also like clowns, ghosts, robots, monsters, aliens and sugar.