I’m very excited about the new Stone Sour CD. The first time I heard “Through the Glass” on “Repeat it or Delete it”, the song got inside me. I’ve obsessively been listening for it on the radio ever since. Also, I recently went to Bonnaroo and got to see two of my all-time favorites on the stage together: Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks. That weekend was awesome.

There are so many great movies out there that it is hard to pick a favorite, Here are a few: Pulp Fiction, Thelma and Louise, Steel Magnolias, Fear and Loathing, Almost Famous, Reality Bites, and Empire Records. The next movies I’ll see will be Clerks 2, Miami Vice, and Talladega Nights.

I’ve lived in St. Pete for a year-and-a-half, and I rarely make it out of the downtown area. My favorite sites are the tree on Beach Drive and 2nd Ave. N in the spring. I’ve never seen anything like it. I enjoy any place where the water is. Also, the Dali Museum is kick ass. I learned more there than I ever learned in Art Appreciation.

My hobbies are always changing. I recently got a skateboard. It’s a long board, so it is easier than I thought it would be. Also, I rollerblade. I goof around on the guitar and harmonica but I can barely make it through a song. Sometimes people can guess what I’m playing.

When I first got my rollerblades, I was terrible and couldn’t stop. I was in between 3rd and 4th Streets on Central Ave. and my goal was to get to Beach. The Saturday Morning Market was going on. I had my headphones on and I was weaving in and out of tourists and passing friends, and doing all right. All the lights were turning green for me. This didn’t become a problem until I passed 2nd. By this point I was going so fast, I was out of control. I knew if the next light did not turn green, I would have to make myself fall. Right as I got to the street, the light turned green. I flew across the street, and as I got in front of Cerviche, I could not see if any cars were coming. I tried to make the turn but I was going so fast. As soon as I turned, my skates hit the bushes. I went flying through the air and I landed flat on the ground, face first in the bushes. As I lifted myself up and dusted myself off, I notived three people staring at me with their mouths wide open. I curtsied and skated off.