The Globe has lots of yummy stuff. Here’s some of what we have to offer.


Our specials range from delicious wraps, Starving Artist Suppers, and more! They change every couple days so call or stop by and see what goodies we have for you.


There’s our house blend: Good Karma Coffee, Mochaccinos, Thai Iced Coffee, and so much more… we are a coffee lounge, after all. Stop in and get caffeinated.

you can also buy whole beans here…we have good karma loaded and decaf…organic shadetree coffee…Hawaiian Kuai…Costa Rican and other freshly roasted beans. Plus you get to drink coffee free when you buy some. Yowzi!


Our drink selection ranges from the Chai Tea, an addictive blend of black tea and spices, to a wide selection of juices and other refreshing beverages such as the Raspberry Iced Tea Spritzer.


We feature vegetarian, vegan, and meat-eater specials. Our Sloppy JoEllen is addictive and the Portobella Wrap makes grown men weep.

Food specials change every few days and Starving Artist Suppers on Monday nights offer a wide variety of tasty treats. Call us at (727)898-5282 for the specials of the day or to find out what suppers we have for the starving artist! We always have a great selection of different snacks and desserts available as well.


Supa-fudgy brownies, cakes, pies, and other sugary delights are always available for your sweet tooth.
We serve the PMS Cake more than once a month… Crazee Bars are addictive, and the Green Tea Lattes call, call, call you..